Closet Organization Must Haves (With Links)

We all know staying organized can be hard.. but here are some things the West Main team thinks are essential for closet organization! 

A matching set of hangers!

Theres nothing more aesthetically pleasing than walking into your closet and seeing all matching hangers! These are a fav for me: They come in 3 different color options ( I use the black) and are super affordable!

A Stepstool

How many times are you in your closet trying to reach something and.. well you just cant... this is your sign to get a step stool to make life a little easier! This one is sooo cute: and here is a more affordable option:

A steamer

Nothing says "I have my life together" like crispy steamed clothes... Not really an organization must but a wardrobe must have! It is always best to steam clothes before you hang them in your closet so you have one less thing to worry about when you have 5 minutes to get ready! Here is the steamer I use:



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